Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Worldview in Action

The other day I was reading a magazine ( i shall leave it unnamed) the editor of the magazine mentioned about the port rail of theirs gods in their religion. He wrote “why do we have gods and goddesses with holding arms in their hands" the reason is to destroy the asuras (demons). We need to take the example of gods and goddesses and take arms in our hands and destroy the demons of our times. The demons of our times are the secularist, the Muslims and the Christians. We need to destroy them and eliminate from the face of the earth like our gods destroying demons. You see friends how a person imitates one's view of God in practical life. Worldviews Matters. People behave according to their worldviews. When terrorist strikes innocent, remember behind those atrocities is the Worldview. Unless right worldview is adopted, right behavior will not be produced. Let's stop fighting with arms and use the reason and evaluate all worldviews and come to grips with right worldview and adopt it and bring peace and unity in the world

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